• Renewal deadlines

    Please submit Renewal applications 4 to 6 weeks prior to expiration dates.

  • Dev Plan deadlines

    Please send in full initial certification applications at least 2 months prior to Development Plan expiration dates.

  • CPRM to Medicaid

    MCBAP CPRM professionals may now apply for Medicaid billing approval - contact MDHHS.

  • CCS Promo

    Become a Certified Clinical Supervisor with the CCS credential.

  • Mail Tracking

    Please use a mail tracking feature if mailing documents to MCBAP

  • Fax Off

    Due to technical factors, MCBAP's fax reception is offline for the present time. Mail or email documents.

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Certifications Available

Click to view the credentials offered, the credentialing process's common requirements and the process of submitting an application. Development plan applications are also available for new professionals.

Verify Credentials

MCBAP has over 3,600 professionals certified. The verification listings display individuals currently certified in good standing. Separate verification of registered development plans is also available. Applications still in review will not be listed.

Renew My Certification

Click to view the renewal requirements, process and forms. All credentials issued by the Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals expire either one (1) or two (2) or three (3) years from the date issued or renewed.


Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals (MCBAP)

International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC)

The Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals (MCBAP) is a member of the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC), and the most active authority for professional substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery credentialing in Michigan.

MCBAP's membership in the IC&RC requires a commitment to adhere to international standards that ensure competence in professionals providing substance abuse services. The IC&RC’s membership currently includes more than 77 boards in the United States, Indian Health Services, U. S. Military, U. S. Federal Court Administrators and numerous foreign countries including Canada, Sweden, Bermuda, Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Japan, and India.

The IC&RC reciprocal certifications we currently offer to new applicants are:

The following certifications continue to be supported by MCBAP, but are not open to new applicants:
  • Certified Co-occurring Disorders Professional (CCDP, CCDP-D)
  • ARMS I, and ARMS II   (non-reciprocal)

Certification is reciprocal with other IC&RC member boards that offer the above noted or equivalent credentials. Similar, older, non-reciprocal credentials are also recognized in Michigan, mainly for professionals who gained their credentials before October 2008.

Effective in November 2014, the new, IC&RC reciprocal "Certified Peer Recovery Mentor" - CPRM - credential became available from MCBAP - contact us for more information.