The Credentialing Process

The credentialing process has common requirements for most of the certifications:

  • Minimum eligibility requirements in the areas of experience, education, direct supervision and testing
  • Fee for two year certification-$150.00
  • Submission of application documenting all requirements
  • Code of ethics
  • Residency

Application Submission

  • All necessary application forms for each certification can be obtained by ordering the corresponding manual
  • No piece-mailings will be accepted, only completed applications


  • Annual (1 year) renewal fee $85.00 plus $25 for any additional certification
  • Biennial (2 year) renewal fee $135.00 plus $25 for any additional certification
  • Twenty (20) contact hours of acceptable continuing education per year you were certified
  • Sign the current code of ethics

Development Plan

The Development Plan Application is available to individuals that are not able to meet the criteria for certification and/or individuals new to the field and on the path to becoming certified with the Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals (MCBAP). The Development Plan contract is an effort to assure the public of the State of Michigan, that the registrant will be provided the conditions and support to make reasonable progress toward becoming MCBAP certified. 


Credentials Offered

CAADC - Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor 
CADC - Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
CCS - Certified Clinical Supervisor
CPS - Certified Prevention Specialist
CPC-R - Certified Prevention Consultant
CCJP - Certified Criminal Justice Professional
CCDP - Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professional
CCDP-D - Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professional - Diplomate
CPRM-M - Certified Peer Recovery Mentor - Michigan
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Revised:          02/2013