Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

IC&RC Reciprocal

Overview of Requirements



6,000 hours full- or part-time work 


1,000 hours credit for an Associates degree

2,000 hours credit for a Bachelors degree

4,000 hours credit for a Masters degree




The maximum degree credit allowed is 4,000 hours toward the experience requirement. *Degree must be in a Behavioral Health or Related field with a clinical application from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning. Experiential degrees are not accepted.

  • Experience is defined as full or part-time experience counseling AODA clients at a program licensed by the state of Michigan. The experience may be as a paid or volunteer employee and must be in the IC&RC/AODA Performance Domains and the Twelve Core Counseling Functions.



270 Contact Hours

  • At least two-thirds (180) of the contact hours must be specific to substance abuse and the remaining one-third (90) of the contact hours may be related to substance abuse; at least six (6) contact hours must be face-to-face, MCBAP approved professional or treatment ethics. Of the 270 contact hours, the following are recommended but not required.


24 hours — Co-Occurring disorders

  6 hours — Communicable Diseases including HIV

  6 hours — Cultural Awareness

12 hours — Assessment and Treatment Planning

  6 hours — Criminal Justice clients

  6 hours — Client, Family & Community Education

12 hours — Counseling

12 hours — Professional, Legal, and Ethical Responsibility

  6 hours — Case Management

12 hours — Pharmacology

  • Education is defined as formal classroom education (workshops, seminars, institutes, in-services, and college/university work) or home study courses (internet, correspondence, teleconference). Courses for which credit is awarded based only on other experience are not accepted.

Supervised Practical Training-

300 hours of direct supervision specific to the counseling of AODA clients (with a minimum of 10 hours in each Core Function)


  • Supervised Practical Training is defined as a formal, systematic process that focuses on skill development and integration of knowledge. This training must take place in a setting where AODA counseling is being provided. Training must be specifically related to the IC&RC/AODA Performance Domains including the Twelve Core Counseling Functions. This training must occur as part of an eligible work experience and may be completed under more than one supervisor.



IC&RC/ADC Written Exam

  • Applicants are required to pass the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium/Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (IC&RC/AODA) Counselor written examination as part of their CADC requirement. There are no prerequisites to take the exam. A passing score is based upon the total score. If you fail the exam, you must retake the entire exam.



Submit $150.00 non-refundable two-year certification fee (online application manual included.)


Code of Ethics

Sign and adhere to the current Counselor Code of Ethical Standards.


Residency Must live or work within the State of Michigan fifty-one (51%) percent of the time.




  • Forty- (40) hours of approved continuing education training is required for a two (2) year certification period or twenty (20) hours of approved continuing education training is required for a one (1) year certification period, since the beginning of your previous certification period with a minimum of 50% specific to substance abuse.

Renewal fee-

$135.00 two (2) year renewal fee

$85.00 one (1) year renewal fee

 NOTE: there will be a $25 renewal fee for each additional credential for those individuals who hold more than one MCBAP certification.


More detailed information and Certification Application manuals are available at



 Revised 08/2012