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CAADC - Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Overview of Requirements

Experience - 2,000 Hours full- or part-time work.

  • Experience is defined as full– or part-time experience counseling AODA clients at a program licensed by the state of Michigan. The experience may be as a paid or volunteer employee and must be in the IC&RC/AODA Performance Domains and the Twelve Core Counseling Functions.

Education - Master’s Degree **Degree or license at a Master’s Level must be in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, or Marriage and Family Therapy with a clinical application. Degree must be from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning. Experiential degrees are not accepted.

180 contact hours specific to substance abuse; at least six (6) contact hours must be face-to-face, MCBAP approved professional or treatment ethics.

Education is defined as formal classroom education (workshops, seminars, institutes, in-services, and college/university work) or home study courses (internet, correspondence, teleconference). Course credits awarded within experiential degrees are not accepted.

Supervised Practical Training- 300 hours of direct supervision specific to the counseling of AODA clients (with a minimum of 10 hours in each of the Core Functions)

  • Supervised Practical Training is defined as a formal, systematic process that focuses on skill development and integration of knowledge. This training must take place in a setting where AODA counseling is being provided. Training must be specifically related to the IC&RC/AODA Performance Domains including the Twelve Core Counseling Functions. This training must occur as part of an eligible work experience and may be completed under more than one supervisor.

Testing - IC&RC/AADC Written Exam

Fee - Submit completed application with a $150.00 two-year initial certification fee


  • Forty (40) hours of approved continuing education training is required for a two (2) year certification period or twenty (20) hours of approved continuing education training is required for a one (1) year certification period, since the beginning of your previous certification period with a minimum of 50% specific to substance abuse.

Renewal fee

  • $135.00 two (2) year renewal fee
  • $85.00 one (1) year renewal fee