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    Take IC&RC exam well ahead of Development Plan expiration. Submit full certification application at least 2 months prior to Development Plan end.

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    One-Year Renewal option has been discontinued effective 10/01/2018.

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Specific Education: The majority of course content must focus on alcohol, tobacco, and/or other drug use issues. Key words in course titles are: substance abuse, substance use disorder, drug addiction, chemical dependency, alcohol, tobacco, drug use, or co-occurring disorders.

Related Education: General courses in clinical theory and therapeutic methods, or courses that only touch briefly on substance use disorder will count as related.


MCBAP now accepts the following online alternatives for Ethics education towards the CADC, CAADC, and CCJP Initial Applications. Only the following can be used in place of the face-to-face Ethics education requirement.

1. The Basics of Addiction Counseling 10th Edition, Module III - Ethical and Professional Issues in Addiction Counseling

2. APA Ethics Code: Commentary and Case Illustrations PLUS either option below: