• Renewal deadlines

    REMINDER: submit Renewal applications 4 to 6 weeks BEFORE the expiration dates.

  • Dev Plan deadlines

    Take IC&RC exam well ahead of Development Plan expiration. Submit full certification application at least 2 months prior to Development Plan end.

  • Moving

    The MCBAP office will be moving soon, please watch for new address!

  • Mail Tracking

    Please use a mail tracking feature if mailing documents to MCBAP

  • One Year Option

    One-Year Renewal option has been discontinued effective 10/01/2018.

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Looking for Training?

On Site Training, etc.

Specific Education: The majority of course content must focus on alcohol, tobacco, and/or other drug use issues. Key words in course titles are: substance abuse, substance use disorder, drug addiction, chemical dependency, alcohol, tobacco, drug use, or co-occurring disorders.

Related Education: General courses in clinical theory and therapeutic methods, or courses that only touch briefly on substance use disorder will count as related.

Approved Providers have been pre-approved to offer training. These are great resources to find multiple approved courses all with the same provider!

The On-site Training Calendar is a list of on site (in person) courses approved by MCBAP.

Distance Learning Courses are not done online, instead coursework is mailed directly to you.

Additional Resources:


MCBAP now accepts the following online alternatives for Ethics education towards the CADC, CAADC, and CCJP Initial Applications. Only the following can be used in place of the face-to-face Ethics education requirement.

1. The Basics of Addiction Counseling 10th Edition, Module III - Ethical and Professional Issues in Addiction Counseling

2. APA Ethics Code: Commentary and Case Illustrations PLUS either option below: