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Reporting Ethical Problems

The Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals requires all certified individuals to sign and adhere to a current Code of Ethical Conduct. Any person aware of an ethical violation by a certified substance abuse professional has the right to file a formal Ethical Complaint against the individual.

Procedures for Filing Ethical Complaints

A person wishing to file a complaint against a certified substance abuse professional may do so by obtaining and filling out a formal complaint form which must be filed in writing. All complaint forms must have the name, address and telephone number of the complainant (person filing the complaint) and name, address, employer and telephone number of the certified substance abuse professional. A description of the inappropriate conduct, when it occurred, others who may have pertinent information, and the complainant signature are also required.

Reported Ethical Problems

The following are individuals who have had action taken against them by the MCBAP Ethics Committee.

Name City Credential Sanction As of Date
Lori Johnson Marquette CADC


 November 14, 2017
Emily Betkey Jackson DP- Counselor Revoked September 10, 2019
Brandie Burr


DP-Counselor Revoked April 15, 2013
Mandy Grenier West Branch CADC Revoked November 5, 2019
Sarah Herriman Grand Blanc CADC Revoked July 16, 2015
Russell Mitchell Sterling Heights CADC Revoked March 12, 2020
Timothy Rosenboom Berrien Springs CADC and DP-S Revoked February 26, 2013
Bradley Scott Harrison Twp CAADC Revoked March 29, 2018