• Renewal deadlines

    REMINDER: submit Renewal applications 4 to 6 weeks BEFORE the expiration dates.

  • Dev Plan deadlines

    Take IC&RC exam well ahead of Development Plan expiration. Submit full certification application at least 2 months prior to Development Plan end.

  • Mail Tracking

    Please use a mail tracking feature if mailing documents to MCBAP

  • One Year Option

    One-Year Renewal option will be discontinued effective 10/01/2018.

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Counselor Magazine Subscription

A free online subscription to the "Counselor Magazine" is available to any individual certified with an IC&RC reciprocal certification. This includes, CAADC, CADC-R, CCJP, CCS, CPS, and CSC-R.

Those individuals who hold a CAC-M, CCS-M, CPS-M, or CPC-M are not eligible.

Please click here to sign up