• Renewal deadlines

    REMINDER: submit Renewal applications 4 to 6 weeks BEFORE the expiration dates.

  • Mail Tracking

    Please use a mail tracking feature if mailing documents to MCBAP

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Click Here to Login to Certemy

Do I already have a Certemy account or do I need to sign up?

Anyone that has held a credential with MCBAP has an account with Certemy already that is linked to the email address MCBAP has on file. Please use this email address to reset your password and then login to access your account. If you aren't sure what email address is on file, please contact us. Please do not create multiple accounts, we can get your email address updated in Certemy if need be. 

Can I assign myself multiple applications?

You do have the ability to assign yourself as many applications as you wish. Keep in mind that if you assign yourself an application, it will continue to send you reminders for each separate application. 

I have both a professional account and a supervisor account, how do I use both?

The easiest way to use Certemy in this circumstance is to use the same email address for both. You can toggle back and forth between accounts in the upper right corner: Click here for a screenshot example.

How do I know when my application has been sent to MCBAP for review?

Each tab will have a green dot on it, meaning each has been completed. If the tab has a clear, yellow, or red dot, that means the step still needs to be completed. 

How long does my application take to review once it's sent to MCBAP?

Development Plan 10-14 Business Days
Renewal 14-21 Business Days
Initial 21-42 Business Days

I thought my application was approved but I see it says pending, how can I tell if it's really been approved?

Each credential has a due date, you will see the due date change once your application has been approved. You can also check our "look up a professional" section and search for your name to see your current expiration date.

Where does my school send transcripts? 

616 S. Creyts Road Suite A, Lansing MI, 48917 OR

How do I change my email address? 

Click here for instructions on how to change your email address